Tax Arrears Negotiation Officer

24th August, 2010

The Government of Montserrat has employed a Tax Arrears Negotiation Officer to recover outstanding Income and Corporation Taxes in arrears in respect of Tax Payable for years up to Income Year 2007. During the period of his employment individuals with particular taxes in arrears will be able to negotiate payment with the Tax Arrears Negotiation Officer. Each case will be taken on its own merit and customers can have their taxes reduced or some aspects of it written off.

This concession is extended in an effort to reduce the amount of taxes shown in the Government accounts as Receivables. This initiative would also give defaulters another opportunity to pay reduced amounts as full settlement for amounts due. Customers must however bear in mind that the tax concession is not extended to employers with overdue PAYE which have been deducted on behalf of employees and have not been paid over to the Government of Montserrat or to individuals with outstanding Property Taxes.

Customers who were, in the past delinquent, filing annual tax returns, resulting in the Inland Revenue preparing best judgment assessments could take this opportunity to discuss these if they are of the opinion that the assessments did not represent the income earned and corresponding tax liability during those years. Taxpayers can use this medium to have their tax affairs reviewed where some favourable settlement could be discussed to arrive at a payment plan. All taxpayers are invited and encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity where they can negotiate a settlement of their taxes whether to settle using a lump sum payment or installment arrangements.

Customers having discussed their tax affairs with the Negotiation Officer and arrived at a settlement payment plan will be asked to sign an agreement between them and the Negotiation Officer.

To make appointments, customers are asked to telephone Miss Maria Silcott, the negotiator’s secretary, at the Inland Revenue Department on telephone numbers 664 491 2463 or 664 491 3211..