Filing of Individual Income Tax Returns

17th January, 2012

The department takes this opportunity to advise all individuals that the due date for filing of the Individual Income Tax Returns is February 28th, 2012. Individuals are also reminded of the need to declare in their return income from all sources.

In regards to the allowances namely, Life and Health Insurance Premiums, Social Security Payments, Mortgage Interest Paid and Elderly and Incapacitated Dependant Relative, the amounts paid in the Income Year for these respective allowances must be claimed in the Return form for you to receive the allowance. For verification purposes a statement from the institution must be submitted with the Return for the claims made for Mortgage Interest Allowance and Life and Health Insurance.

Please take note that if you do not received a Return form you can visit the Inland Revenue Department where a form can be provided for completion. Our helpful staff at the Inland Revenue Department are keen to provide the best service and therefore will assist individuals in the completion of their forms so do feel free to visit the Department for assistance..