About Us

The Inland Revenue Department is a division within the Ministry of Finance part of the Government of Montserrat Structure.

The Ministry of Finance is headed by the Minister of Finance who is also the Chief Minister of Montserrat. The Minister of Finance is responsible for tax policies. The Comptroller of Inland Revenue Department who holds responsibility for the administration of most direct taxes on the island reports directly to the Financial Secretary who in turn reports to the Minister of Finance.

Taxes were imposed here on Montserrat by legislation dated back to 1945 as part of the Treasury’s functions. However, over time, taxation became more complex and the Inland Revenue Department was formally established in 1966.

The purpose of establishing this department is to ensure that the correct tax is paid at the right time by individuals or incorporated bodies through the administration of a number of direct taxes. Presently the department administers the following five (5) direct taxes:

  1. Income Tax (personal)
  2. Company Tax
  3. Withholding Tax
  4. Property Tax
  5. Insurance Company Levy

Authority for the administration of these taxes is given in the following legislations:

  1. Property Tax Act (Property tax)
  2. Income and Corporation Tax Act (Income, Company and Withholding Tax)
  3. Insurance Levy Act (Insurance Company Levy)

These acts provide guidelines which include definitions of key words, how the tax is imposed, exemptions, how the tax should be collected and information about penalties that can be applied for breach of the Laws as it relates to particular taxes.

The department also holds responsibility for the reporting on the EU Savings Directive authorized by the Montserrat Reporting on Savings Income Information Order 2005.


To provide quality tax advice to the Government and the community delivered by proficient staff and protecting the Government’s revenue base by maximizing compliance with Montserrat’s tax policy legislation through education, quality service and consistent, firm, enforcement.


We aim to be recognised by the public and Government of Montserrat, and throughout the CARICOM region as a modern, resourceful and successful tax administration that plays a critical role in the economic development of Montserrat..